I'm building another blog


which includes all of posts I liked on my dashboard. It is made 100% of reblogging.
I've always wanted to have a better way to access to my old likes: people's inspirational edits and arts, photo sources posts that i always rely heavily on, etc.

Currently I'm posting old likes and it's far from complete, but if you're interested you can take a look at it.
Eventually I'll put the link on the top bar.

Yeah…as some of you’ve mentioned…maybe those photos are a little too much Photoshop…I mean, they’ve removed my favorite mole on his neck! I don’t think it’s the makeup… I totally understand the need for adjustments or retouches, and I DO LOVE those beautiful photos, but please leave the mole intact!

Well I love every mole on his face, of course every wrinkle…actually I could go on for days about the depth and complexity of his face…but I’d better shut up.

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